Sunday, August 19, 2012

StuffRussiansLike - Update Aug. 19, 2012

I haven't been in Russia for over a year now, nor posted about StuffRussiansLike, but I felt it was time for a little update.  Also, I need some help from those of you still in Russia; help to remember all the glorious, yet confusing things about Russia I can't remember.

69.  A Disgraceful Justice System: This isn't something Russians really like so much, but just something that happens, at least when it's political.  I'm quite sure the Tsars of old randomly judged people by whether they liked them or not. We all know it happened in the Soviet Union and it certainly happens today, especially if you in any way, shape or form are not supporting Putin (e.g. the Pussy Riot  Trial - hooliganism? C'mon).  It seems they operate by the adage: "If you're not with us, you're against us." How unfortunate.

70. Trains: Russians love trains! I, like Sheldon Cooper, also happen to love trains. They're fun, slightly less scary than planes and easier to move around in.  Russians have a love of going everywhere by plane (probably because it's much easier, cheaper and certainly more safe than flying, within Russia).  Whether you're on platzcart on a trip from Moscow to Sochi, a sleeping car on the Trans-Siberian, or using wifi on the new, extremely nice (and extremely expensive) high-speed train between Moscow and St. Petersburg, traveling by train in Russia is the way to go!

71.  Slippery Rocks: Have you ever been to Moscow in the wintertime? Have you ever tried navigating some of their metro systems as you come up from underground.  If you're smart, the answer is no because it's a death trap.  I fully believe the Soviet Union built them that way to get people to fall, thereby spilling any and all contraband they have on them (this is pure conjecture on my part).  These are, however, great people watching spots as Russians and non-Russians, drunks and non-drunks alike attempt to navigate their way through these inconspicuous snow grounds. Someone always falls.

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