Monday, August 27, 2012

StuffDominicansLike - Update Aug. 26, 2012

I haven't worked on this as much as I would like, but hopefully this year will be better.  Here goes a few more!

6. Colmados: These should be everywhere and indeed, in many places they are, whether it's a продукты in Russia, a minimart in the US or a bodega in Colombia, they are everywhere. What are not, however, is equal.  I can't vouch for many countries (i.e. Russia & the US), but here not only do colmados have whatever you need, but they'll deliver it to....for no extra cost! Pouring, pouring rain and you need a single egg? Call 'em up and it'll cost you no more than say 25 cents for the whole transaction.  Too hot outside and you need some juice and rum? Call 'em up and they'll be there! These are a modern marvel if you ask me.

7.  Excessively Loud Music: From colmados to public cars to political rallies to clubs, music louder than you could imagine is everywhere. It's awesomely frustrating and frustratingly awesome at the same time.  There are moments when you're out on a Saturday night and the music is just what you need. But then there's the times when you want to talk to people, whether it's Saturday night or a Thursday evening stroll and the bachata from the colmado is so loud you get dizzy.

8.  Cat Calling: This is one of those things that, to many Americans anyways (especially people from the West coast where it seemingly only ever happens in movies) that is not as cool as it sounds.  The men who cat call here are disgusting, seldom funny and sometimes just mean.  Whether it's talking about a woman's legs or chest size, asking about her boyfriend or (in a case that really upset Ana and I both extremely) yelling about having found your visa.  This is one of those things we could do without.  

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