Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Beginning Blog...and Toilets (I need your help)

Here I begin my second year of living in the Dominican Republic and I am going to do a much better job of blogging this year, but submitting AT LEAST one post every Sunday, save for the days I am off chilling on the beach and generally having a better time than most....just kidding.

I returned to the DR yesterday amid storms and storms and sweat-inducing weather.  It's been nice though and not as boiling hot as one would expect, but it's far from cold either.  It's weird having been away because it feels so nice coming back.  At the beginning of this last summer, I couldn't wait to get away and now I can't believe I wanted to leave (my wanting to leave wasn't based on this country, but other factors, or should I say places?).  

It's nice to come home and be greeted by family, whether that's here in the DR or in the US.  It's nice to feel at home again, the way I unfortunately no longer do in the states, at least for now.  

On another note, however, it's also very nice to see my friends Mike & Lauren getting settled into their new home in South Korea.  I wish them and their two boys the best in getting started there, however, having just come from Vietnam, I'm sure they'll do just fine!

It was also nice to see old friends back in the states.  Everyone who came to our little wedding reception at my mother's, all the people we were able to see in Seattle and Spokane, everyone down in Oregon and everyone at all the weddings to which we went.  I'm sorry if we didn't get a chance to see you this summer, our summers are just too short and we have too many wonderful friends.  I'm also sorry we didn't get to see you as much as we would have liked.  One of the pitfalls of living abroad is that you have friends all over the world and you don't get to see them as much or as often as you'd like, and for that I apologize.  

Anyways, I plan on doing one of these every Sunday related to everything from school to life in the DR to toilets.  Yes, you read that correctly...toilets.  In fact, I plan on devoting an entire whole new blog to toilets and I'm hoping you all will help me.  I've done a bit of research and noticed there are a few but not many, blogs dedicated to toilets, but mine however, will be slightly different.  

I've traveled around the world a little bit, and I'm a bit paranoid about the toilets I use (or don't use), so I'd like to dedicate a blog for travelers about the best places to go to the bathroom. The cleanest, safest, easy to access toilets to use or the disgusting, shit everywhere, I might get murdered kind of toilets.  Both of these can be found all over the world, so stay tuned and I'll be asking for your help since I've not traveled everywhere!!

See you all soon!

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