Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finally! A Post! Huzzah! (Thoughts on the DR)

So it's literally been months since I've sat down and done some blogging. I've been living in the DR now for almost 9 months (crazy right?) and there some crazy observations that need to be made, at least in comparison to Russia. As you'll see, this post lends itself to a StuffDominicansLike type of post I did with Russia and I'll most likely be starting that here in the next few weeks, but for the moment, here goes!

So there are some things that Dominicans love that I either just can't wrap my head around, find fascinating, find hilarious, awesome or, as per usual, some combination of all four.
  1. Dominicans love to carry two things, Bibles and lunch boxes. I've never seen so many people carrying lunch boxes and Bibles. Whether it's on the way to work, on the metro, or seemingly for a leisurely stroll, Dominicans are most certainly into their Bibles and lunch boxes. I'd say that this one falls into the fascinating category.

  2. Jesus Dominicans love the Jesus. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, not in the slightest, but they love Jesus. On my way to work each morning, there's a pretty good chance I'll find someone telling the people on the metro about how Jesus is the salvation, you need to come to him, etc. Even more likely, however, is for my public car driver to have gospel (in English or Spanish) songs playing or some guy preaching over the radio. Public cars, busses, doesn't matter all have a 'Te Amo jesus' or 'Ya Cristo Vuelve'. This all definitely falls into the fascinating category.

  3. Clothing TOO SMALL! Man, if I ever thought that Russian men wore their clothes a size or 4 to small, women (and men, though to a lesser extent) here wear there clothes about 15 sizes to small. Be proud of your curves ladies, but wow I don't know you go into those pants and that shirt you're wearing? Well there's a fair bit more of you hanging over your jeans than is being covered by the shirt aimed for 2 year-olds. It's kinda like the pictures you see of women on People of Walmart, only the women here aren't rednecks, they're aiming for sex appeal....but their aim is ass backwards. This falls into the hilarious, weird usually unpleasant category

  4. Dominoes This is pretty cool. Dominoes is a fun game and it's fun to see all the guys sitting around a colmado slamming them down in triumph. This one is straight up awesome. I like me some dominoes.

  5. Blackberrys (Crackberrys, and yes the term applies here) Everyone and their grandmother here has a blackberry. EVERYONE. It's the most ridiculous thing since sliced ham. I mean EVERYONE and they are on them non-stop. BB Messenger or whatever it's called is the place to be. In Russia, everyone is talking on their phones. In the US, it's the iPhone. Here, Dominicans love those tiny-screened, tiny keyboarded, impossible to push one button at once phones. Even when I see people using the new blackberrys that offer a touch screen and a qwerty keyboard, people seem to ignore the touchscreen and go straight for the keyboard. It's fascinating and I just can't wrap my head around it. Maybe that's because I have a strong dislike for RIM products, but who knows.

  6. Presidente This beer is the beer among beers. And it's not bad, truly it's not. It's a pretty good pilsner and I like it. However, there is definitely a lack of variety in beer here. President reigns king, followed by the likes of 'The One', 'Bohemia' (also owned by the Presidente company), 'Ambar', and 'Brahma' (a Brazilian beer). All of them pilsners. These are pretty much the only beers you'll find here in the DR. You can find bottled imports, but expect to pay 2-4 times as much for them. These beers are, however, real cheap and that's good! A jumbo Brahma runs you about 65 pesos (or just under $2) in a nice glass bottle, super cold and about 1.8 litres. In Russia you can get a 2 liter of warm beer in a plastic bottle for about the same price. Which sounds better? I thought as much.

So Dear Readers, finally a little post for you to enjoy. There'll be another one tomorrow!