Monday, July 4, 2011

StuffRussiansLike - Update: July 4, 2011

Okay, here's another, much overdue StuffRussiansLike Post!

66. Grannies - I find this one to be absolutely hilarious.  No matter who you talk to in Russia, if they're speaking English and their grandmother comes into the conversation, it's never 'my grandmother' or 'my grandma' it's always 'my grannie'. Doesn't matter how distinguished the person is, they use the word Granny.  It's funny and I like it!

67. Shirts Too Tight: I've noticed that many European men, but particularly Russian men, are like the Grinch. Only it's not their hearts that are two sizes too small, it's their t-shirts.  In shape? Tight t-shirt. Really Skinny? Tight t-shirt. Severely overweight? Tight t-shirt. Doesn't matter, the t-shirt sizes in Russia seem to be two sizes too small. It's...weird.

68.  Ice Cubes: This one isn't really so much of a 'StuffRussiansLike', but more of a 'StuffRussiansHate'.  I don't know why they don't like ice cubes. Maybe it's superstition, maybe it's just dislike, but either way it's mind boggling. When it gets hot in Russia, you'd think some ice to cool off your (non-refrigerated) drink would be delicious, but nope. It isn't. It's scary and terrifying apparently...

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