Tuesday, March 1, 2011

StuffRussiansLike - 03/01 Update

I'm going to start just rolling out updates to the StuffRussiansLike post by adding only the new ones and then posting them all on the StuffRussiansLike page listed up above or you can just click here.

Anyways, here are a few more added to the list!

56.  Blini (блины): It's boggling to the mind how I forgot to add blini to this list, but considering this week is Масленица (AKA 'Butter Week') where the Russians eat a ton of 'pancakes'.  I prefer to call them crepes in English because, to me, that's a better representation, but to each his own.  Anyways, aside from this special week, these things are a Russian staple (though not as much here in Kalmykia).  They're also super delicioso.  They can be eaten as a meal itself with meat, cheese, onions, etc; they can be eaten with sour cream & caviar or they can be a dessert with chocolate, maybe some bananas or strawberries. Your choice and you'll rarely encounter a bad selection.

57. Caviar (Икра): Again I amaze myself by leaving out some of the most well-known items. Weird.  Anyways, Russia is THE caviar place.  There are a ton of different kinds ranging from really crappy fake stuff, to the amazing, super expensive black stuff.  For those of you who don't know, true caviar comes from Sturgeon, 4 main types: Beluga (caviar from this fish is considered the best, but you can't legally buy this in the US and several other places in order to help protect the species), Sterlet, Ossetra and Sevruga.  Caviar is pretty decent, though the thought of fish eggs sounds less appealing....

These next two come from Mr. Pat Passarelli if Ufa, Russia.  You should check out Pat's blog here or it's over <--- to your left there.

58.  Public acceptance (or at least passive allowance) of blowing snot-rockets and/or spitting..whenever, wherever: Yeah, I've seen this one and it's not an overly enjoyable thing to watch.  I mean we've all blown a snot rocket or two, ALL of us have at some point or another, but it's rarely ever a clean take-off (if you know what I mean) and as such is simply disgusting.  Also, spitting. This one is slightly less disgusting as a habit, but still pretty gross.  The area just outside the entrance to my university is littered with three things: bird poop, cigarette butts and wet spots from everyone spitting. Yuck.
It's more disgusting and more dangerous here

59.  Superstition #1 (there are MANY) - 'That drinking really cold water will give you a stroke': How they continue to believe in this one, it beats me, especially after the blistering summer they had here  in Russia last year. To be honest, though, I've not come across this one in Elista, but then again it gets up to +40 or more pretty regularly during the summer so they know what it's like to be hot.  I don't know where this belief comes from (I'd like to know) but it's there and it's not going anywhere.  They also never use ice cubes, but we'll discuss that at another time.

So, Dear Readers, I welcome your submissions! Keep them coming!

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