Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happiness In the Little Things

Here's a website that I recently discovered that does exactly what it's supposed to do. Make you a little bit happier.  It's called '1000 Awesome Things' (you can check it out here) and it's just that.  Neil Pasricha started this in 2008 and is working on completing 1,000 awesome things.  Most of these are just little things we take for granted, but actually really love.  Some are secret loves. And some, I don't agree with.  But this list is a seriously nice little pick me up for my time here in Russia where it seems like the little things can make or break you.  I hope to come up with a little list of my own little things that keep me happy here in Russia.

Here's a few of my favorites:

#345 When the Christmas tree gives the only light in the room
#378 Finally making it past whatever was causing traffic to slow down
#404 When someone’s leaving the bathroom at the same time as you so you don’t have to touch the door
#528 When your pet notices you’re in a bad mood and comes to see you
#953 When cashiers open up new check-out lanes at the grocery store

Anyways, check out this video of Neil.  His reason for starting the website is pretty valid, albeit sad, but I'm glad he did it because, for me, it's achieving its purpose. So, Dear Readers, here's to remembering all the little things in our lives that make and keep us happy.  

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