Thursday, November 4, 2010

Russia Doesn't Exist!! ...wait..what!?

Apparently Russia has been broken up and no longer exists.  I was told this by a woman who works for paypal.  Man have I been out of the loop.

Anyways, while trying to use paypal whilst in Russia, I continually get holds put on my account since I'm logging in from Russia.  This is hassle, but I'm glad to know the security measures work.  Yet when it happens I have to call paypal each time and get it straightened out.

Now this had happened earlier in the day and the first woman was brilliant and nice and made a note on my account and everything.  So after the second time, I called back, was on hold for 25 minutes and got this other woman.  She had me verify a few things and then the insanity began.  Here's how the conversation went:

PP Lady: So you're in Russia. Where are you?

Me: I'm in Elista.

PP Lady: Okay, but what country?

Me: ...Russia...

PP Lady: Okay, but didn't they break Russia up not to long ago?

Me: No

PP Lady: So you're in Russia then?

Me:  Yes. I'm in Elista.  It's in Russia.

So after that little number, where I somehow managed to hold my tongue and not offer up any smart-ass remarks, she proceeded to hit a a number of wrong things on her end, turning what should have been a 5 minute conversation into a 17 minute conversation.  Ridiculous.  But at least she was nice.

So, Dear Readers, goes the life in Russia...


  1. so similar story...i was trying to mail a letter to liza fed ex. it went something like this:

    me-yeah, um i'd like to mail this letter to st. petersburg, russia.

    guy-ok um...what state

    me-so...yeah just st. petersburgh the city...which is located in russia.

    guy-yeah but the system says i need a state

    me-wtf mate, put russia and see what happens

    guy- i did but it says russia is the country, i need a state sirrrrr


    then i dunno what he did, but he decided it was going cost like 200 bucks to mail it?...i basically didn't mail it there:)


  2. Hahaha I love it Trav. Some people are just not very bright, but I hope Liza got whatever you mailed her! I got a letter from my mom the other day. Only took 3 1/2 weeks!