Friday, November 5, 2010

The Ladies Who Run My Dorm

This quick blog is going to be a bit of rant, simply because at the moment I'm really pissed.  It's a 4 day weekend here in Russia, celebrating God knows what and people are entitled to their rest, I'm not denying that.  But the women who run my dorm, spend the majority of the day sitting at the entrance doing one of two things: 1) Watching TV 2) Talking on their phones.  Depending on whether the TV is on or not, I usually have a good idea about who is working and who isn't.

Anyways, it's day 2 of the holiday and I was told yesterday that I COULD (then again, it is Russia) was clothes today.  So I go down there today to try and wash my clothes and get told: "Nope, we're relaxing, it's a four day holiday."  First off, they do NOTHING. Second, how much work is it really to open one door, watch me put my clothes and soap into the machine and turn it on, then go sit back down and wait for me to come back when my clothes are finished.  It's not hard.  In fact it's so easy they could most likely literally train a monkey to do it.

Sorry for the rant, Dear Readers, but there's one particular lady at the dorm who seems to go out of her way to be mean to me and of course she happened to be working today.


  1. You need to talk to a couple of my good friends, "Smack-Them" and "Bitches-Up". They've been in a similar situation. Their advice would be to smack them bitches up, yo! I can't stand arrogant people like that. I feel for you, man. I deal with douchebags like that at work all the time. It's best to invest in either a dominatrix or stress-ball. Your choice.

  2. On their blog they're writing about how they could train a monkey to give a little bribe...