Monday, November 22, 2010

Auto-Tune Yo-Self!

So the latest rage in the music scene is to use auto-tune (one word?). T-Pain kinda got this trend going and now everyone uses it.  The idea, for those of you living in a cave who don't know, is that this adjusts your voice to put in tune with whatever key you are supposed to be singing in.

Well now it's used by virtually everyone, whether they can kinda of somewhat sing (T-Pain...I think) or those who are just plain annoying and need to disappear from the music scene (T-Pain....haha, but more specifically...Ke$ha).  As far as real music goes, it's fairly disappointing, but as far as playing around with it on your computer? Uh, yeah. It totally rocks!

Or at least that's what the Chinese kid in my dorm seemed to think.  He was blown away by the simple version of auto-tune that Garageband uses and after I gave a quick model of how it works, it took very little provocation to get him to sing a song and allow himself to be auto-tuned.

I feel vaguely bad about actually posting this on the Internet, but since none of you will ever meet or know his name (I only know his Russian name, not his real Chinese one), I don't feel that bad.

Anyways, here's his song (with a picture of T-Pain).  It's in Mandarin so I've no idea what he's singing about, but he was way into it! Enjoy Dear Readers!

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