Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Night....

This is just going to be a quick post, but had an interesting first Saturday night yesterday.

Since I don't know anyone yet really or have a mobile to call anyone with, I spend the evenings at home (it doesn't help either that I'm still off time wise and can't make it past around 10 at night without passing out).  Anyways, around 9 last night I got a Russian "Hamburger" and it was different.  It looked like a hamburger, but didn't really taste anything like an American would expect and to be honest I should have known this before I bought it, but oh well.  It was awful, but it was far from my favorite thing I've ever had either.

As I was eating my "hamburger" some (I assume) somewhat drunk Russian kids came up to me and started chatting me up a little, a little in English and a little in Russian.  My Russian skills being what they are, it afforded me a great opportunity to get made fun of by all those within earshot.  Overall, not the best dining experience I've ever had.

But oh my night doesn't end there dear readers!  It was hot, humid night and as the witching hour approached I was awoken from a deep, sweat-filled sleep by the fluttering of wings.  I opened my eyes and from the faint shimmer of light coming in from the windows I could just make out a tiny bat zipping back and forth across my room.  I surprised myself by being quite calm, putting a towel on my head (to keep it out of my hair) and left to go to the bathroom.  When I returned, the damned thing was still there despite its little friends hovering around outside.  I flipped on the main light in my room and waited for the bat to leave, which took God knows how long.  It finally left and I managed to crawl back into bed and fall asleep with a little help from Jerry Seinfeld and company.

Overall, it was quite an eventful night for one that was so uneventful.  Until next time dear readers...


  1. crazy bat! i think i would have screamed ~

  2. I think a coffee table book called "Hamburgers" would be awesome. It could have pictures of hamburgers, and a narrative speculation on the possible contents and their origins. The Water buffalo "Hamburger" in Mumbai isn't too bad.


  3. The Jackson Four had a great laugh over that one Cameron. Keep the stories coming!